Sydney resident, Jarmaine Stojanovic launches his Outliers Airwave show into deep space and beyond with this epic 2-hour journey through the expansive & experimental, dubby & dark.

Jarmaine Stonanovic Outlers Airwave

Jarmaine is a graphic designer & creative director based in Sydney. His show was previously broadcast on Bondi Beach Radio before it went on hiatus. We are more than chuffed that he decided to get the wheels in motion again and join the Frission Family.

Have a listen below to the Outliers Airwave Frission premiere to get a taste of what’s to come.

Outliers Airwave was a show that I had fortnightly on BBR (Bondi Beach Radio) – Predominantly driven around beats, futuristic sounds from around that realm and electronic jams. It was getting a bit much going to the studio between work so I decided to take it down and come back when work/life balance is much better.
Outliers Airwave | Monthly
Thursday 07:00-09:00 [Dublin]| Thursday 17:00-19:00 EST [Sydney]Outliers Airwave:
Cover Art: Wesley Chiang