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The 2nd Friday of every month, 08:00 – 09:00 GMT

Describe your show in 10 words or less? 

You’re hopefully going to hear something you don’t like. If you do, it means the shows diverse, and I’m happy.

What do you consider to be the greatest year for music?

Every year. I love looking to the past but I’m always searching for fresh beats.

What was the first record you owned or begged someone to buy you?

InnerWestSoul – Part One (Evil Woman) (I was a late starter in regards to collecting records).

Name 5 albums that should be illegal for people not to own?

My favourite thing about music is how subjective it is. The experience is between the creator and the listener and we’re not all going to have the same experience. I don’t think there are 5 albums everyone should own.

You can put together a band of any musicians, dead or alive, to play at any venue – who, where, why?

All I want is for Jeff Buckley to serenade me in my bedroom.

Recommend another show on Frission?

The Weight with my man Dom Duchamp.