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Every second Thursday, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT

Describe your show in 10 words or less? 

Female:pressure is a show that celebrates women’s talent in electronic music

What do you consider to be the greatest year for music?

Every year is the greatest year. If you look hard enough there is always exciting music to discover.

What was the first record you owned or begged someone to buy you?

Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall (but I’m not super sure).

Name 5 albums that should be illegal for people not to own?

Public Enemy – It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back 

De la Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising 

Kode9 & the Spaceape – Memories of the Future 

Herbie Hancock – Futureshock

Afrikan Sciences – Circuitous 

You can put together a band of any musicians, dead or alive, to play at any venue – who, where, why?

I’m not into super-groups or bands that reunite after separating.

Recommend another show on Frission?

Only one is not possible: Sadisco, Orbiting Giants, Chambre Froide…