Antonia Folguera


Antonia is Multimedia adventurer and music nerd from Barcelona. Antonia has a wide experience in online radio, TV hosting and curating content dealing with electronic music and digital art and culture.

Brian McLoughlin

Clockwork Radio

Future beats, old school gems and forward thinking hip hop.

Casey van Reyk

Thinking Crowns

Boss Lady at Fifty Records.
Social Media Coordinator at Animal Activists Forum.
Emotional Support at The Jazz Diaries.

Clemens Ruh


Composer & producer for film, television and other media. Original soundtracks & cinematic music for licensing.
Resident DJ at Distillery, Leipzig.

Cleveland Watkiss

Watkiss Radio

Cleveland is an award winning solo artist who has collaborated with artists like Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, The Who, Art Blakey, Soul II Soul, Lisa Stansfield, Bjork, to name just a few.

Damien Connell

Collective Resonance

The man behind Collective Resonance - a global collective of artists, as well as being a blog, independent record label, and monthly online radio show. Striving to be a congenial platform for passionate creatives around the world.

DJ Mza

Soul Circle Radio

Founder and host of Soul Circle Radio. Member of Mellow Orange // JazzMoov.

Eddie Smith

The Cashmere Effect

Living in Detroit, member of Blaktronics - an electro-boogie-robot-soul-funk-hop project from Oakland, California.

Emmet Hand & Bootsy

The Jazz Pit

Winners of Jazz at the Mixcloud online radio awards 2016. The Jazz Pit began as a monthly feature on Dublin’s Up & Down radio show where Bootsy featured music from his crate digging trips abroad.

Frank Foreal, Derrick Ah Sam & Michelle Choug

The Expedition

The Expedition is a weekly show dedicated to discovering & discussing new music from all points on the map.

Isa Wolff

Sans Serif

Isa loves the straight bass drum, spherical soundscapes and semiquavers. Her musical tastes are techno, electronica, disco and house music.

Jai Pyne


Jai runs the TurkTown Records label and also is the owner of a coffee shop in Sydney called Fleetwood Macchiato.

Jarmaine Stojanovic

Outliers Airwave

Jarmaine is a graphic director for Something Creative Co based in Sydney, Australia. Jarmaine previously hosted his Outliers Airwave show on Bondi Beach radio before joining the Frission Family.

Jeff Micheal


Based in the city of St Louis, USA, Jeff runs the Endless Planets record store & accompanying blog.

Jonas Orbiting & Tobi Hewer

Orbiting Giants

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show
delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient.

Louis Shungu

Radio Soleil

Louis Shungu is a beatmaker, DJ, music collector & listener based in Brussels. Radio Soleil is a monthly show & event in Brussels.

Maja Milich

Beat The Future

Dirty, raw, soul, underground, your neighbor next door, dark, psychedelic, horror, folk, soundscapes, experimental, instrumental, hybrid electronic, beats, Balkan, the weird music we have today.

Marcin Tworkowski

Coach Motel

Marcin aka Coach Motel is a music producer from the city of Opole in Poland. His instrumental productions and beat tapes have garnered a lot of positive hype within the beat community.

Michael Greville & Dunk Murphy

Now You're Swingin

Dunk Murphy & Michael Greville journey through the curious corners of their music collections. Tune in, sit back, open a tin of minerals and a package of cripps, now you're swingin'.

Michał Kramar & Mateusz Szmigiero

Evening Selection

Ambient, drone, leftfield electronica, everything in between and some more – music for the contemplative generation. May contains traces of beats.

Satoru Sadisco


When he isn't digging tropical and world sounds for his Sadisco show, Satoru spends his time conceiving and designing beautiful & unique cover art under the moniker of Arts Independent Mercenary.

Stuart Hamilton

Whatyouwant Radio

All manner of badass wonkiness, Balearic blissfulness, dusty scarceness and some songs with choruses. New stuff, old stuff and guest mixes every couple of weeks or thereabouts.

William McGiven


Hailing from Derby, UK. William is an innovator who likes to push and break new boundaries with a fresh, original and unique audio landscape.


Visceral Radio

Yurei is a 22-year-old American producer, multi-instrumental and DJ based in Fukuoka and Tokyo Japan. Visceral Radio features genres ranging from Future Beats, House, Techno, Future Funk, Trap, and much more.