The new episode of Will McGiven’s ‘Constellations’ show will be featuring a special guest mix by Zetroc. Graciously impacted with ivory flourishes and the sensual vocalizations of personal politics that defined early soul and jazz, Zetroc is the project of multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and Louisiana native, Jamey Brown.


His latest album ‘True Guesser’ has been released end of last year and its pulsing synths & laid back rhythms are a perfect soundtrack for your chilled evening or a thoughtful break. Here’s what Zetroc says on what the ‘True Guesser’ means to him:

I made this record about loss mainly. As well as the perspective of being lost, and where to go from there. From beginning to end, These songs chronicle each adversity I’ve been handed through the course of the past year. From deals being broken, to losing a loved one after six months of battling for their own life, and being consumed with the emptiness that coincides with those experiences. I’d explain more but I feel it would be better said through the record. Thank you all who have supported me thus far. This is True Guesser.

Check out the album, support Zetroc via purchasing ‘True Guesser’ and join Will McGiven on his new episode of the Constellations show tonight 15th Feb 22:00 UK&Ireland time.