Fresh out on My Bags label from France. A must have for any soul, r&b or funk fan.

Une Vie Cent Détours by Cosmic Analog Ensememble was recorded in Lisbon, Beirut and Nairobi in 2017 – 2018.

“The album is created like a journey, a way to lose yourself in the meanders of life, discovering hidden places and meeting new faces with each detour full of surprises. As one man band, conductor and orchestra, Mr Megarbane is the only chief on board.

With a unique way to play with emotions, coolness and tension, Charif Megarbane drew again an epic fresco. The album begins with perfumes of the Middle East in “Premiers Détours” before transitioning to the smacking oriental deep funk tune and leading guitar of “Phoenician Rose”. Each track draws tremendous detours, tapping into library music, afro-beat and more.”

Listen/purchase now via My Bags Bandcamp