Hear an eclectic hour of music by Tropics, blending soul, synth, hip-hop and laid back melodies for Somewhere Magazine.

“A backdrop of sounds, mostly slow and groovy that inspires me visually and musically combined. It consists of a wide variety of genre’s via artists I love. I put it together on my laptop in a laundrette in LA whilst I waited for my washing to finish. So I still feel like I was spinning something.”

Sunni Colón – Technicolor
Photay – Outré Lux feat. Madison McFerrin
Loure – In The Evenings
Blood Orange – Jewelry
Julian Bell – Red Love
Psychic Mirrors – Midnight Special
Wayne Snow – Under The Moon
Erin Allen & Frank Reidy – Day Dreams
James Last – Good Morning Starshine
Choker – Starfruit LA
Temani – Power
King Krule – Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
Oscar Worldpeace – Wary
Tirzah – Gladly
Morgan Hislop – My Shadow Is Always With Me (feat. NAINA)
Terekke – Wav 1
Ross From Friends – The Knife
The System – Find It In Your Eyes
Tonio Rubio – Dead Slow
Tropics – Howl (Unreleased)