Our friend David over at Optimistic Underground put together this mesmerising mixtape recently which we’ve been listening to on rotation. The kind of mix that gently escorts the mind to a fantasy world. David cites RPG’s, late 90’s video games, rainstorms and Miyazaki films as some of his influences for the mix and this certainly shines through.

Head on over here to read his very humble thoughts on the mix. He’s also included direct links for each track featured.

“After a lot of editing and indecision, I’ve whittled it down to two hours and ten minutes. It’s a feature-length mixtape for getting hopelessly lost. In feelings, in daydreams, in time and space and all that. The artists here bleed into one another, songs melting together as the big-picture experience shifts like a storm passing over a lake.  The length here is crucial to the experience, so when you hit play, just go on with your day and let it wash over. Or sit in total darkness and fall deep into your weirdest thoughts. Both work.”