Orbiting Giants #108 w/ Kozstum

Kozstum from Bristol, UK, with a guest mix for the Orbiting Giants radio show on Frission radio. Expect everything bass, dub, broken beats and techno related in a thrilling vinyl only mix.

More from Kozstum: https://soundcloud.com/kozstum

Every second thursday the OG show sends live from Germany, starting at 9 pm (Berlin) / 8 pm (Dublin) / 3 pm (Detroit).

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SVN – Dark Plan (Sued)
2562 – Blackout (Blackout)
Etch – Green Park (Sneaker Social Club)
The Maghreban – Needy (R & S)
Lok44 – Roll the Ugliness (Trust)
Clatterbox – Control Freak (Touchin’ Bass)
Horsepower Productions – HDN (Tempa)
Martyn – Cutting Tone (Ostgut Ton)
Shed – Selection One (Soloaction)
Vainqueur – Elevation II [Reduced] (Chain Reaction)
Jay L – My Friend (Deep Street)
Ital – Concussion (Planet Mu)
John T. Gast – Club Version (Whitelabel)
Luxus Varta – Haccium (Brokntoys)
LFO – Moistly (Warp)
Pip Williams – Bitty Ends (Central Processing Unit)
Twoman – Hot Jam Mixer Routing (Man Band)
Jonas Palzer – Scenes (Lackrec)
Bass Clef – Acid Hearse (Happy Skull)
Arttu – Scraper (Cyblo)
Machine Woman – Camille from OHM makes me feel loved (Technicolour)
Dj Qu – Party People Clap (Deconstruct)
Facta – All the time (Livity Sound)
Stephen Brown – Mini Mood (Skudge)
Sub Basics – Shipment (Temple of Sound)
Neinzer – Horus (Timedance)
Via Maris – Shelleys (Mistry)
Lårry – Systems_hyperthread (Uncertainty Principle)
Aphix – Sin King (Keysound)
Blint – Ghostworks (Blint)
Ryan James Ford – Crosscut (Shut)
A Sagittariun – The Golden Apple (Elastic Dreams)
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Klimax (Idle Hands)
Junes – Awake (Galdoors)
Cold – Dub Safari (Thule)
The Wise Caucasion – Kutchie Dub (Sushitech)
Babe Roots – Be Still (ZamZam Sounds)
F (10) – The Untitled Dub (7even Recordings)
Beat Pharmacy – Density (ZamZam Sounds)