Irish Hip Hop: The past, present and future of Ireland’s most exciting moment in music

Ireland’s authentic voice is finding itself increasingly on a bigger stage via, which is surprisingly to most, the art of hip hop. A hip hop culture, that can and will stand shoulder to shoulder with our US and UK counterparts, is blossoming. This episode celebrates the great artists leading the charge now, and also those forefathers who laid the path.


Kojaque – Last Pint
RiRa – 25 O’Clock In The Mornin
Jonen Dekay – Cold Mornings
Same D4ence – Repercussions
Melodica Deathship – Wreck O The Elizabeth Dane
Messiah J & The Expert – Bloodrush
Rob Kelly – Jack The Ripper
DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Rejjie Snow – Lost In Empathy
Deviant & Spekulativ Fiktion – Transcend The Legacy
Lethal Dialect – Keep It Real (Deviant’s Manky remix)
Rusangano Family – Lights On
Weenz – Rising
Versatile – Ketamine
Mango – Rapih (Selecta)
Rubberbandits – Antony’s Eye