The team at Sketsoteric give us the low-down on how they produce their Eclectomatic show for Frission with analog tape.

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Internet radio is becoming highly popular because it’s easier to start a cyber radio station and because most of the broadcasting music is non-commercial, rare and full of collector’s selections. The quality is usually very good. Even at their truncated 192 kbps or 160 kbps, the sound is better than a regular FM station. Some opt to go up to 320 kbps where even the purists must admit “Not bad for an MP3”.

Here at Sketsoteric Audio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, we produce a radio program weekly that goes on air every Saturday on Frission Radio, Ireland. The show is called “Eclectomatik” and, as the name implies, the music is diverse and full of different genres and styles. We specialize in soul, world, Latin and jazz music, but from time to time even some good old rock classic is included.  Let’s get an inside view of how we do it.

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Skets Radio at Sketsoteric Audio in Puerto Rico.