Mellow Kicks #9

Mellow Kicks features a carefully concocted mix of late night sounds, abundant in warm analogue and electronic melodies.

Laid back headphone grooves and slowed down rhythms, just hitting the spot with those after hour feels. Your perfect soundtrack for the small hours of the night.

Mellow Kicks
Every Sunday
18-19:00 Dublin Time

Syndicated on, Croatia, Saturdays, 12-13:00 Croatian Time


1.Yasuaki Shimizu – Boutique Joy
2.Joseph Shabason – Long Swim
3.Tornado Wallace – Voices
4.Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Tenderness
5.Blue Sky Black Death – Sleeping Chlldren Are Still Flying
6.CCFX – The One to Wait
7.Torn Hawk – Afterprom
8.Chromatics – Shadow (Take Me Down)
9.Suso Saiz – They Don’t Love Each Other
10.Deradoorian – Love Arise
11.Chuck Johnson – Calamus
12.Balam Acab – Alive