SCR Mix Series Vol.23 – D-Felic

SCR Mix Series Volume 23
D-Felic (The Hague, Netherlands)

I began djing at the age of 15.  I was lucky enough growing up having access to my father’s record collection, which exposed me to an abundance of Soul, Funk, & Jazz music. Shortly after,  I began my journey with writing and producing music. I always experimented with various style of music but it was House music I gravitated towards. During a 4 year span, I was producing mainly Deep and Soulful House music. This is what I’m highly known for with my music.

There are 2 exclusive tracks I produced on this mix: “My Place” which I did with Honey Larochelle last year when I was in LA for 3 months. This track got released on Good for you Records. Also, “Spread Love” featuring Triece. Triece is a vocalist from Detroit, who I met when I was touring with Amp Fiddler. Track will be released soon on a new label called D Funk Records. Enjoy!