Constellations #89 w/ Will McGiven

The Constellations radio show w/ Will McGiven is always an eclectic, deep and dynamic musical journey. Tune in every Friday 22:00 UK & Ireland time.

DJ Will McGiven hails from the city of Derby in the UK. He’s a DJ always looking to discover definitive new textures in Electronica, Folk, Lounge, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack. Will sees his shows as an education to his listeners that will hopefully inspire them to look at music from new and different angles.

Track List:

1. Spiral Galaxy by VINYL WILLIAMS
2. Axiomatic Mind by VINYL WILLIAMS
3. Aboroun by VINYL WILLIAMS
4. The Presence of Absence by VINYL WILLIAMS
5. Mercurial Vestiges by VINYL WILLIAMS
6. Riddles Of the Sphinx by VINYL WILLIAMS
7. Harmonious Change by VINYL WILLIAMS
8. The Wind Song by GIGI MASIN
9. Jitter by HERVA
10. Theme 001 by JAMIE BRANCH
11. RA & HIS ASTRO INFINITY ARKESTRA – Intergalaxtic Research by SUN
12. Eleusis by JAZE BAQTI
13. 18stk by ROYER
14. Sheila by SKY TONY
15. Passage To Shibuya by ERNIE
16. Turquoise Waters by ELECTRIC EGYPT