Orbiting Giants #91 w/ Jonas Orbiting

Deep down in the jungle. It´s the holiday season and Jonas Orbiting will refresh you with techno, electro and everything in between during today´s sunset.

Streaming live from Offenbach, Germany, starting at 8 pm London time / 9 pm Berlin time / 3 pm Detroit time, today´s show #91 features tracks and remixes by James Ruskin, Stenny, Myles Sergé aka Translate, Konrad Black (Official), Amelie Lens, Shanti Celeste, Hodge, Asusu, 100Hz – Lee Renacre, Maarten Mittendorff, Rennie Foster and many others.

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient. Tune in for fresh episodes every other Thursday 20:00 Ireland & UK time.

Track List:

1. They deserve death by Vatican Shadow
2. The Test of Time by Terrence Dixon
3. Beater (Stenny Remix) by Lurka
4. Moonraker by Lee Renacre (100Hz)
5. Concave 1 by Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald
6. Twsted Memories by Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
7. Traders (Myles Sergé Remix) by Rennie Foster
8. Murky Waters by Anthony Parasole
9. Weight Of The Land (Francois X Remix) by Amelie Lens & Farrago
10. Iadu-Nandanah by Eduardo De La Calle
11. Decompression (Konrad Black’s Decompresha Remix) by Mathew Jonson
12. Light Waves by Hodge
13. Shoreditch by Markus Suckut
14. EQD#006A by EQD
15. Hinoki by Shanti Celeste
16. Drag by Ambivalent
17. Nachtblende (James Ruskin Remix) by SHDW & Obscure Shape
18. I’m Alright Mate (Asusu Remix) by Bruce
19. Flying by Chevel
20. Preimas by Isaac Reuben