The Texan psych creator also known as Cameron Stallones has a Discogs full of psych experiments and wanderings from 2008.

A good intro might be ‘Heavy Deeds’ released on Not Not Fun Records in 2009, it features wading tropical lo-fi funk, psych guitar, and cultish organs. Each track takes you through a desert and into a mirage of echoing reverberations of crashing guitar and funk.  This album is a sonic acid trip with ricochets of yelps as vocals.

Sun Araw has a back catalog of sand-stained, silly, cosmic, mythical, traveling projects. Not to mention album artwork that stands the test of time!

His releases play with time and perceptions of reality, dreaming up meetings of ancient and future. In a dub excursion, previous collaborations have been with producers Cameron, M.  and Geddes Gengras in Jamaica with roots reggae vocal legends The Congos, as well as ambient pioneer Laraaji.

His new light-headed record and eighth studio album ‘Saddle Of The Increate’ is described as ‘jackfruit rodeo’, a romantic comedy-of-self, an album about the roping and herding of cattle, inspired by the Greek Myth of the monster Geryon – take from it what you will! The album features notorious slide guitar, character narrative hallucinations and a mythical vision of the American Wild West.

You can catch Sun Araw live at London’s Jazz Café this September 7th.