Mythic Beat – 8/12/2017 transmission

Join DJ Mythos every week mixing & discovering fresh underground breakbeats, International rhythms, rare grooves & synthesizer dreams. Mythic Beat w/ DJ Mythos is a syndicated show from Louisville WXOX 97.1 FM.

Catch fresh episodes every Sunday 22:00 Ireland & UK time on Frission.

Track List:

Radioactive Man – Steve Chop
Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms- Must Go On
DarkTwaine_ – True To The Bloodline
Philippe Edison – Henya
adamlondon – sleeptalker
smeyeul – summertime17.
Ohm-N-I – Super Charge The Brain
Nmesh – Mall Full Of Drugs
Club Chai – Ezra Entrena El Bumbum (Moro Midflight Edit)
Letherette – Dog Brush
Photay – Bombogenesis
Soulwax – Here Come The Men In Suits
RISONAM – Charismatic Computer
RIIXDEY – Where is bae?
Rakim – Microphone Fiend (Boards of Canada & Autechre mix)
Konx-om-Pax – Species With Amnesia
Criteria – Kaleidoscope
Logos – Glass (Boylan Devils Mix)
Macca – Love Is Tender (Hosta Drum & Bass Remix)
Sub Accent – Night Crystals
SLV – Tars
Emmanuel – Ashes
Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald – Concave 1
Helter – Daisson
Mønic – Forbidden Memories
Roel Funcken – Circuit Interference
Hornberg – Io
Oneohtrix Point Never – Leaving The Park