Last week, the guys over at Clockwork Radio caught up with the incredible rapper gawdlee out of Atlanta for a chat.

Gawdlee has been consistently bringing stunning flows over lo-fi beats on Soundcloud and has been rising to prominence over the last few years. His varied, unique style and enticing lyrics make him a must listen for hip hop fans.

Clockwork has been blessed to be a part of gawdlee’s 2015 project “hopeyouhadabadsummer” where gawdlee teamed up with Austrailian beatmaker “badsummer”.

2 years later in 2017, we had to catch up with gawdlee again. He talks about his music, his influences, his writing process and the hip hop scene in Atlanta.

Join us live on Frission radio from 8 pm to 10 pm (UK & Ireland time) on Friday, 4th of August to get a view of gawdlee’s mind. Clockwork Radio will be hosted as always by BMac who will be providing the music.

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