The Jazz Pit Vol.6 : Dancefloor Jazz Special

Winners of Jazz at the Mixcloud online radio awards 2016. Curated by Emmet Hand & Ian Scott (Bootsy) The Jazz Pit began as a monthly feature on Dublin’s Up & Down radio show where Bootsy featured music from his crate digging trips abroad.
It quickly became one of the most popular element of the Up & Down radio show and in 2012 the crew decided to take it online as a regular podcast. Since then it has gained a huge following around the world. The show now goes out weekly on Frission at 7pm UK & Ireland time every Saturday night.

Ahead of our DJ set at this years Nišville Jazz Festival in Serbia, we’ve put together a killer dancefloor Jazz session for you.

Track List:

1. Brazillia (Nick Holder mix) by John Klemmer
2. El dia perfecto by Marc de Clive lowe
3. Negra sin sandalia by Klaus Doldinger
4. Cuica by Klaus Doldinger
5. Kirie by Georgette
6. Night & Day by TJP
7. Make it mellow by Soul investigators
8. Ac/Dc by Paz
9. Jungle fantasy by Sam Most
10. Cravo Canela by Charlie Rousse
11. Cocoa funk by Carlos Franzetti
12. Street musician by Arnie Laurence
13. Brazillian Tapestry by George Muribus
14. Red clay by Rare silk