Thinking Crowns #16 w/ Casey van Reyk

Thinking Crowns is a monthly show curated by Casey van Reyk who is a lady boss of a Sydney based Fifty Records label. Catch fresh mixes every second Friday of the month 08:00 UK & Ireland time.

Track List:

1. WOW! by Jitwam
2. whereyougonnago? by Jitwam
3. Vortex by Captain Earwax
4. 7 Mile by Illa J
5. Dalai Lama Slang (feat. Willie The Kid) by Apollo Brown & Planet Asia
6. Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ (More-Night Reflex) (36 Chambers Reloaded) by First Ear
7. Dharma by Blameful Isles
8. Hard To Say Goodbye by Washed Out
9. Silencers (feat. Moka Only) by Illa J
10. Two Thousand And Seventeen by Four Tet
11. yyy by Jitwam
12. 12 Million Miles Away by Washed Out
13. Leitmotiv by Dauwd
14. BLUE WINDOW by Actress
15. Moonlight Woman by Ruby Rushton