Subterranean Paris experimental R&B artist Bonnie Banane has a string of romantic and wavy releases to discover.

Dropping EP Soeur Nature in 2015, the release is full of exotica and subliminal beauty, akin to a 90’s Sade.

Leading the album, stand out track, ‘Leonardo’ is an ode to Leonardo DiCaprio on the surface, but also references Fatou Diome’s book ‘Le Ventre de l’Atlantique’, ‘The Belly of the Atlantic’ on the ‘creation’ of America, it touches on the subject of colonialism. Bonnie Banane speaks of tackling issues around colonisation and its consequences, such as racism, and problems surrounding diversity in France and more specifically Paris.

The EP was followed by a contagiously punchy break-up track ‘Statue’ released in 2016.

The duo is made of Bonnie Banane and Walter Mecca, resurging the dreamy R&B of the nighties, Mecca is influenced by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Ice-T and among others the filmmaker and godfather of Zombiedom G.A. Romero. He also created his own label Weirdatawhich the duo released their first official EP on.

Banane’s influences include Janet Jackson, Moondog, Erykah Badu, Gerard Depardie, D’Angelo, TLC, Prince, and Nini Raviolette.

Debuting with ‘Greatest Hits’ back in 2012,  collaborations include the likes of Jimmy Whoo, Gautier Vizioz and hip-hop heavyweight and DJ Screw-inspired producer Myth Syzer.

Listen to an earlier Bonnie Banane and Jimmy Whoo collaboration here, Long Time No See:

Fast forward to the year 2017, BB release EP called Mouvements, broken down, dissected hip-hop, as well as releasing clips of a new album on Soundcloud, enjoy;

Rochelle Shanthakumar