Mythic Beat – 7/8/2017 Transmission

Join DJ Mythos every week mixing & discovering fresh underground breakbeats, International rhythms, rare grooves & synthesizer dreams. Mythic Beat w/ DJ Mythos is a syndicated show from Louisville WXOX 97.1 FM.

Catch fresh episodes every Sunday 22:00 Ireland & UK time on Frission.

Track List:

1. Mythic Intro (Luxury Elite – Late Nite TV)
2. Disco-tize Me by The Link Quartet
3. Prologue
4. 1984 by KXLLAGE
5. Inside My Head by Toro Y Moi
6. I´m in love (First Touch ReTouch) by Atlantic Starr
7. Mindless by Kunfu
8. Leave A Sign by Turkish SoulCat
9. Injure by Prometh
10. Fatness by Innotic Beats
11. Wave by Seas of Grease
12. Andromedro by Yung Morpheus
13. Urban Canopy by L’Indécis
14. luv u by âtƒ
15. Celestial by Hotwax
16. Moontalk by Laurel Halo
17. 117 Careplan by Henry Wu
18. No More Dreams VI by 1991
19. Two Thousand And Seventeen by Four Tet
20. Intermission
21. Third Of The Many Lost Dubz by Slim Steve
22. Back In Time (Instrumental) by The Seventh
23. Listen 2Me Soul by EQ Why
24. Shoal Beat by Porter Ricks
25. Cosmo by MEGGABLOCKX
26. Cat Walking by Haiti Ground Zero
27. ARA BXO by Abu AMA
28. Pulse Lunar by Daed
29. Stasis (Living Colour) by Tsunxmi
30. The Sea Feel by Stag Hare
31. Quest by Cignol
32. Dreaming In Public by w u s o 命
33. Formulates in Darkness (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton) by Random Rab
34. Corridors by DJ Shadow
35. Epilogue