Frissionwave #24

24th episode of Cinambientique on Frission Radio. Cinambientique is the winner of the best Ambient/Chillout show 2015 on the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. The show is aired every first Sunday of the month 7pm UK & Ireland time. This is the July 2017 edition.

Track List:

1. Spherescape by Lingua Lustra
2. Weep by Nomad
3. Lost Along The Way by SineRider
4. Rise by Manos Milonakis
5. Blink by James Maloney
6. Mose II by Jupi/ter
7. Hauntology by Heinali
8. Barre by Swept Away
9. The Reiki Healer From County Down by Steve Jones & David Holmes
10. Geduld by Christoph Berg & Henning Schmiedt
11. Invisible Friend by Cobalt Rabbit & The Penguin District
12. On The Verge Of Night by A Cerulean State
13. A Pile Of Dust by Johann Jóhannsson
14. Vantage Point/Epilogue (Vantage Point OST) by Atli Örvarsson
15. Williams – Loretta Figgis (Live By Night OST) by Harry Gregson
16. I’m Really Sad You Feel This Way (Split OST) by West Dylan Thordson
17. Forrest (Captain Fantastic OST) by Alex Somers
18. 7 Days, That’s All You Got (The Magnificent Seven OST) by James Horner & Simon Franklin
19. Humanity (The 5th Wave OST) by Henry Jackman
20. Aline (Mirror’s Edge Catalyst OST) by Solar Fields
21. Crash (Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival OST) by Ola Strandh
22. Taming The Dinosaurs (Deepwater Horizon OST) by Steve Jablonsky
23. Let’s Do This One (Don’t Breathe OST) by Roque Baños
24. Healer by Sasha
25. Kinethesia I by Ólafur Arnalds
26. Longplay by Luke Howard
27. One Half by Julianna Barwick
28. Meanwhile by Halftribe
29. infinite by glo ft. unforseen
30. Favourite Places #704 by Chairhouse
31. An Opening by Bethan Kellough
32. Sunrise Over Aeron Valley by aeron