The Expedition #86 w/ Frank Foreal

The Expedition, is all about discovering & discussing new musical gems from all points on the map. From Indie Rock and Punk, Electronic to Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Soul & more, The Expedition is THE place to get your new music fix.

Tune in Sundays 4pm UK & Ireland time.

It’s time for our Best of Quarter 2 show! The team got together and curated their favourite tracks from the last 3 months (Apr – Jun 2017). These are our favourite shows because we get to showcase the best of the best!

The Expedition w/ Frank Foreal is produced by: Derrick Ah SamMichelle Choug Frank Foreal.

and edited by KidGusto (

Track List:

Derrick Ah Sam’s Q2 Favorites

1. Outta Time by Ladi6
2. Keep Moving (Feat. Nubya Garcia) by Blue Lab Beats
3. Back To You (Feat. Noah Slee) by Sola Rosa
4. Diaspora by Wallace
5. Healer (Feat Nicholas Ryan Gant) by Rob Milton
6. Run Away by Moonchild
7. Aiming Up by Two Another
8. Flying by Profusion
9. Aurora by Jarami
10. Worth The Wait (Feat. Jill Scott) (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) by Nils Wülker

Frank Foreal’s Q2 Favorites
1. Sunshiiiiiine by Radius
2. King of Hearts by Charlotte Dos Santos
3. How Can You Hide (Feat. Saigo) by Dayo
4. Sour Mango (Seven Davis Jr Sticky Rice Remix) by Gabriel Garzon Montano
5. Uncanny Valley by Feiertag
6. Green Twins by Nick Hakim
7. T.S. I love You by New Venusians
8. Tropicana by Pomona Dream
9. C90 Eternal by Lord Echo
10. Okay Captain Kirk by Ziggy Funk

Michelle Choug’s Q2 Favorites
1. Different Now by Chasity Belt
2. Can’t Catch Me by NoMBe, New Mystics
3. Recently Played by Crumb
4. Shine A Light (Feat. Thadillac) by Shabazz Palaces
5. Lose My Cool by Amber Mark
6. Strobelite (Feat. Peven Everett) by Gorillaz
7. Skeptical by Jachary
8. Alright by ShitKid
9. Mines of lo by Shannon and the Clams
10. NRGQ by !!! (chk chk chk)