Nemui pj is a new project between UK producer Kidkanevil & Japanese composer and artist, Noah.

They will release their Pumpkin EP later this month on Flau in Japan and in mid-August outside of Japan. We recommend this album for those who have a nostalgic love for dreamy, sleepy, melodic electronic music. The EP casts an appreciative nod back to the early days of Múm, Lali Puna, The Boats et al, while still sounding fresh.

There is a sincere, warm melodic signature throughout this release with a carefully molded balance between Noah’s soft meandering voice & Kidkanevil’s thoughtfully woven melodies and glitchy drum programming.

Definitely one for late night headphones to experience the full dream-inducing warmth and sublime depth.

Release Dates:

Japan – July 19th / Overseas – August 14th, 2017


Japan – Stores (for CD) / Outside Japan – Bandcamp