Organic Lounge #5 w/ INFINITEtheBEATmaker

Detroit native INFINITE launches his Organic Lounge show, an exquisite blend of the best minimalist and additive-free Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Nu Jazz, Chill Hop, Future Soul, and Downtempo Beats for those who enjoy the mellow, laid back side of music.

INFINITE’s 2 hour mixes will showcase his beatmaker’s ear and desire to expose Frission listeners to avant-garde and innovative music by artists committed to pioneering a more earth-friendly, organic, positive and uplifting message and sound.

Catch ‘Organic Lounge’ on Saturdays midnight UK & Ireland time.

Track List:

Samurai Guru – A Little More Time
Pruven ft. Sleep Sinatra – Heliopolis
Trog’low – Mound Up
Cleo aka Hippietrapgoddess – High
Coach-Mo-TSL – Batlife
Slim COD ft. MardySays x Kyng Rich – Still
jasperino – relaxed & liberated
Noname ft. Ravyn Lanae – Forever
Bix – Chamomile
J Dilla x Pyinfamous – Look at Love (Musiq Man Remix)
Wowflower – In The Eye
IAMDDB x Khasu – Panorama
Toonorth – Comess
Jamila Woods – Holy
Warren Xclnce x Philippe Edison – Sentiment (Unplugged)
Sycho Gast – Imaginary
Drok The Menance – Love More
oxela – wearing jeans in paris
Noname ft. theMIND – Sunny Duet
The Deli – JazzChains
Minni Manchester – Rock Your World
June Marieezy – If You Wanna
Bonbooze – 4 all my life
EVG REBEL – Stay Woke
snaer. – $$$
dak&leaf / ac pull – out of orbit
Bix – Midnight
JSWISS ft. Chandanie – Play
Badsummer – Still Shining
Quelle Chris – Nothing Moves
Genesis7 – Real Wonders
IAMLO – I Still Love Her
Dj Jad – Closer
L’Orange x Mr. Lif ft. Insight – Five Lies About The World Outside
?KTR – Smoking Hermits
McKinley Dixon – Sitting On Wire
Half – A002
Substantial ft. Fjer – Always
oasa – flowers
Ego Ella May – How Far
Oxcyde – Stay
Audio Push – Peace Pipe
jasperino – in the mist
Declaime – Samasara