Four years in the making and stemming from an unplanned appearance of Marcus Elliot at a Shigeto curated jazz performance, Detroit Part II is now available as a vinyl only release via the new imprint out of Hamtramck Michigan, Portage Garage Sounds. Zachary Saginaw (Shigeto) and his brother Benjamin (the bassist in the band Ritual Howls) run the imprint in the small city surrounded by Detroit as an incubator for local art, inspired by the parties they were throwing.

Beginning with an instantly hypnotic house groove built upon hand percussion, claps and deep kick drum thump, A Side “Detroit Part II” lays a superb foundation for the warm jazz work of tenor saxophonist Marcus Elliot to explore. This track has a fantastic live feel with the energy of a night out in Detroit and the tenor saxophone providing the stimulating conversation. The horn lines shine over the grit of the thick analog synth bass as this track takes you on a journey through the history of a great city on the verge of being revitalized. The lone vocal sample speaks volumes about this and resonates with you long after the track fades.

B Side, “I94 mix” is a much darker version with muted swelling horns echoing into the night and a more prominent dub groove. The subtle manipulation of the percussion as the track progresses adds to the movement of this heavier mix and feels like an after party under the glow of the city lights. It is impossible not to get lost in the entrancing mix of sounds as the shakers keep the pulse steady and the bass line arrives to get you on your feet. If a copy can still be found, it is highly recommended you snag this first release from Portage Garage Sounds and let the waves of house energy take you into the heart of Detroit.