Orbiting Giants #88 w/ Tobi Hewer

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient. Tune in for fresh episodes every other Thursday 20:00 Ireland & UK time.

Track List:

1. Le cadavre exquis by Mas
2. Zanias by Spes Aeterna XXXIII
3. Lv by Wilted Woman
4. Chased by Silvia Kastel
5. Act II by Sirio Gry J
6. Woman Training For A Republican by Maelstrom
7. Worldline (Orphx Remix) by Traversable Wormhole
8. Os Hyoide Rupture by Size Pier
9. Oscar’s Blood by Peter Van Hoesen
10. Metabolic Grift by 400ppm
11. Convenience Trap, Pt.2 by Surgeon
12. Dividing The Catch by Sleeparchive
13. Skull Gun (Peder Mannerfelt Remix) by Cassegrain
14. Effigy by Rhys Fulber
15. Forbidden Planet by Rommek
16. Mate Choice by Killawatt
17. Reef (Stenny Remix) by Pris
18. Combate by Verraco