Organic Lounge #4 w/ INFINITEtheBEATmaker

Detroit native INFINITE launches his Organic Lounge show, an exquisite blend of the best minimalist and additive-free Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Nu Jazz, Chill Hop, Future Soul, and Downtempo Beats for those who enjoy the mellow, laid back side of music.

INFINITE’s 2 hour mixes will showcase his beatmaker’s ear and desire to expose Frission listeners to avant-garde and innovative music by artists committed to pioneering a more earth-friendly, organic, positive and uplifting message and sound.

Catch ‘Organic Lounge’ on Saturdays midnight UK & Ireland time.

Track List:

Yclept Insan – Youth
Defcee – Drug Charge
snaer. – no.milk
Iomos Marad – Just Me
Dez The Navigator – Don’t Change
Arima Ederra – Trippin’ On Space Jamz
baaskaT__ – Grass
Cleo aka Hippietrapgoddess – Black Gold
sp0kyy – something
Minni Manchester – Rock Your World
Genesis7 – Soul Gen
Khalia Simone – Can’t Deny
Low Key – Extraction-82
Infinito 2017 – Freedom In Independence (Century of Lights)
Sufyvn – Nu Branches
FatNice – Time U Miss
Lanzo – witchcraft jazz
LNDFK – Think Beautiful
snaer. – malaana
Jasmin “Jazzo” Walters – Borders
The Deli – Wishes
NOM – The Christening
Lanzo – wow & flutter
Genesis7 ft. Quote & Soh Mehni – Take Your Time
okvsho – Art Of Facts
Sammus ft. Jean Grae – 1080p
dak&leaf – bluebutter
badsummer – light
Kenji – Small Talk
Arckatron – P.T.M.D. 2
Bix – Melatonin
Masie Blu – Antelopes and Starseeds
Prof.Logik – Huh
Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Ooh Wee (Shakiyla pt. 4)
Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms – My Heart
J Swiss & Temple 5 – I Wish
impend – faint
Ali.Good – Good Food
His XLNC – 13 Vierse
Boshia ft. Abiodun Oyewole – In My Head Again
Supastition – Song For The Mrs.
Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms – Yeah Dorothy
Akua Naru – Falling
5ifth – Fligh
Didi Crazzz – Omia