By Rochelle Shanthakumar.

Dutch producer Pascal Pinkert is the curious mind behind Dollkraut.

The analogue sound wizard dives into the equal parts comforting and disturbing nostalgia of hauntology, resurfacing 70’s space age synths into dark cinematic haunting productions.

With a love of 70’s film his favourites include Italian crime drama, Goodbye & Amen, equal parts cheesy and funky and soundtracked by Italian cult film score musicians Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

You can hear an Italian twist of the funk kind on album, Schimanski’s Black Lullabies, where we’re watching a montage of Italian drama unfold, a psychological mystery and a full on scandalo!

The album might be based on Horst Schimanski, a fictional policeman who appeared in 1980’s German, Tatort, a cult crime series. Dollkraut manages to squeeze a woozy disco soundtrack of soviet-era Germany into the album. “Always in search of ancient mysteries”, his Soundcloud bio reads. Dollkraut revives long forgotten European cinema and all the crime and sleaze of underground B-movies.