Beat the Future #86 w/ Maja Milich

Beat the Future w/ Maja Milich is a soul music from the underground! Unheard dirty sounds, raw, experimental, lo-fi, dark, folk, worldwide, field recordings, spoken word, instrumental, hybrid electronic music, beats, Balkan, the weird music we have today. No hype. Listen to the world around you.

Last Monday of the month, 21:00 – 22:00 UK & Ireland time.

Escape reality with newness from Karavan (Lefto + Free the Robots), Tek.Lun & DrewsThatDude “no more favours”, this (always) huge compilation by Italdred Records, Shungu, Quelle Chris (gettin bigger slowly, his last album is very much worth listening), one of my favs .finesse gawd, Kaelin Ellis, Pun Collins, Ibrahim Maalouf, some folkish tunes, etc.

Track List:

1. Shadows by Ibrahim Maalouf
2. East by Karavan
3. Coral Riff by Pun Collins
4. N O I R (Prod. Chester Watson) by Kàhmi Wan
5. Reel It In ft. Lee Scott & Strange U by Jehst
6. Wed Al Bakri Track 1 by Sudan Tape
7. Lebanon by Karavan
8. It’s Quick by FMtheG
9. make a move by Shungu
10. Time travel by Tek.Lun & DrewsThatDude
11. Sound by Kaelin Ellis
12. Rock the house by Kaelin Ellis
13. One At A Time feat Jalal Salaam by Ol’ Burger Beats
14. Fuck you pay me by Tek.Lun & DrewsThatDude
15. Free Myself From You by Dr Dundiff
16. Hex by Filthy Gears
17. Missin’YA (Night in Tunisia) by Ibrahim Maalouf
18. Wait A Minute (feat. Denmark Vessey) by Quelle Chris
19. Muhadatha 1 by Cosmic Analog Ensemble
20. Ensemble Gjilan (streets) by Ensemble Gjilan (streets)
21. Coridor by DJJ
22. Diversion by Sahu The 5th
23. Birthdaze (prod Swarvy) by Quelle Chris
24. smoked out [with eets] by .finesse gawd