Orbiting Giants #87 w/ Jonas Orbiting

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient. Tune in for fresh episodes every other Thursday 20:00 Ireland & UK time.

Track List:

1. Deposits by Imugem Orihasam
2. Drexcyen Star Chamber by Drexcya
3. Nmos by Monolake
4. Iron Engine (DJ Hyperactive Remix) by Mattia Trani
5. Damaged Earth (You) by G. Marcell
6. Data Block by Aubrey
7. A strong shape by Spencer Parker
8. Neo Genesi by Luciano Lamanna & Sirio Grimaldi
9. Breathe by Phase Fatale
10. Death of a star (Delta Funktionen Remix) by Norwell
11. eRbB4 (KON001 Remix) by DJ Stingray 313
12. Stone relief on god´s face (Ascion Remix) by YYYY
13. Houses by Minimal Violence
14. High Priestess by Makaton
15. Long time ago by Tadeo
16. Brink of collapse by Staffan Linzatti
17. Dreadnought Approaching by Blind Observatory
18. Basic Cyle by Deep’a & Biri