The Expedition #80 w/ Frank Foreal

This week, featured new music from LA’s own Gaby Hernandez, Illa J, Sydney’s The New Venusians, Sarah Chernoff, and much more!

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1 Lo Mas Dulce by Gaby Hernandez
2 White Monkey by Kutiman
3 Strobelite (Feat. Peven Everett) by Gorillaz
4 Zakochany Czlowiek (A Man in Love) by Better Person
5 On My Way Home by Maurice Brown
6 Tell ‘Em (Starkiller Reimagining Feat. J​-​Felix) by Harleighblu
7 Leave You by Midnight Sister
8 Sam Cook by Illa J
9 Pride by Kendrick Lamar
10 Monument by Soft Glas
11 Waiting Game by Saigo
12 Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Scrimshire Edit) by Merry Clayton
13 Little Silver Cross by White Reaper
14 The Hand On My Shoulder by Artificial Pleasure
15 Keep Moving (Feat. Nubya Garcia) by Blue Lab Beats
16 Coconut Kiss by Niki & The Dove
17 Flying by Profusion
18 T.S. I Love You by New Venusians
19 Aiming Up by Two Another
20 Go Back Home by FJK
21 Dear Maria by Freddie Gibbs
22 One Love (Microphone Mathematics) by Nas x Qusimoto
23 Dark Minnie by Sarah Chernoff
24 Morning Yawn by Febueder
25 Om Shanti by Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda
26 Skeptical by Jachary
27 Salside by YO-ZU
28 Calm. Chi by Keita Juma