Constellations #81 w/ Will McGiven

The Constellations radio show w/ Will McGiven is always an eclectic, deep and dynamic musical journey. Tune in every Friday 22:00 UK & Ireland time.

DJ Will McGiven hails from the city of Derby in the UK. He’s a DJ always looking to discover definitive new textures in Electronica, Folk, Lounge, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack. Will sees his shows as an education to his listeners that will hopefully inspire them to look at music from new and different angles.

Track List:

1. TODD RUNDGREN – Born To Sytnhesize
2. WALT SHAW & MATT LE MARE – Edge To Rothko
3. BIOSPHERE – Behind The Stove
4. SUN RA – The Cosmos
5. SOFT CELL – Frustration
7. CESIUM SWIMSUIT AND ROOTS DUBMAN – Goblins Have Taken Over The Mainframe
9. ACRONYM – Isolated From The Land
10. BLAMEFUL ISLES – Mountains Of The Moon (Feat. EVAN DEJESUS)
11. THE VERVE – A Man Called Sun
12. HENRY MANCINI – Sequence for Uncle Harold
13. 10TH LETTER – Circles
14. SUICIDE – Frankie Teardrop
15. SUN AN – Full World View
16. WALT SHAW & MATT LE MARE – Lever Down