Mythic Beat – 4/28/2017 Transmission

Join DJ Mythos every week mixing & discovering fresh underground breakbeats, International rhythms, rare grooves & synthesizer dreams. Mythic Beat w/ DJ Mythos is a syndicated show from Louisville WXOX 97.1 FM.

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Bobby Hutcherson – Mtume
Haiti Ground Zero – People Are Free
Guerrilla Monk – Eleusis
Dan Sir Dan – Bagel Weather
Kmel Beatz – Is There Anything Else
Robot Heart – Walrus Tales and Cesium Swimsuit
バーチャルボーイA T S U x Lisergishnu – Serendipitous Attraction
DataLife – Only Love
☒ – Yakuza Avenue
Tall Black Guy – Sade’s Taboo
Keor Meteor – Total Silence
Burt Sienna – White Magic (Feat. Valvoline)
Relaén – Twines
Space Gang – Parallel
J.L.A.B. – Herizon
Shabazz Palaces – Shine a Light
ColDrip – Fight For Your Life
E. Jacobs – April Showers
Gorillaz – Strobelite
Anomaly – Back Home
Nokon – Galactisphere
Dmx Krew – Dark Rider
Skee Mask – Kordman Return
Plazmatron – Echo Chamber
Sentomea – Relative Solace
憂鬱 – 無題参
James Henry – Thinking With Your Ears
MNLTH – Lemon in Square
dgoHn – Ralph
Yagya – Young Suns Of NGC 7129
Colin Cameron Allrich – Untold
Pensees – Dawn