Beat the Future #85 w/ Maja Milich

Beat the Future w/ Maja Milich is a soul music from the underground! Unheard dirty sounds, raw, experimental, lo-fi, dark, folk, worldwide, field recordings, spoken word, instrumental, hybrid electronic music, beats, Balkan, the weird music we have today. No hype. Listen to the world around you.

Last Monday of the month, 21:00 – 22:00 UK & Ireland time.

This edition embraces some cool new albums, like the one from lojii & Swarvy “Due rent” on Fresh Selects, Malik Abdul-Rahmaan’s interpretations of Malaysian (folk) music on Paxico Rec, Slovenian Ziga Murko’s Black Room, a tape from Jeremiah and the debut EP “Nomad” from Baba Ali, pretty good for a debut. Of course a lot more music by other interesting artists, for that you can check the Tracklist!

1. Flow Access by Igra Staklenih Perli
2. unemployed (outro) by lojii & Swarvy
3. Ttend2Thatt by Creep Woland
4. Lettuce Pray by TEK.LUN
5. Pt. 6 by Jeremiah Jae
6. Pt. 3 by Jeremiah Jae
7. burnbridges by KVMI
8. dukkits by lojii & Swarvy
9. Psychips (Beau bones remix) by Static G
10. Positive/Negative by N8NOFACE
11. free4who? by lojii & Swarvy
12. Venice by Keor Meteor
13. Uncle Ang’s Gadget Shop by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
14. yall know da name by Mogillah
15. From the ground on up (feat. Chief) by Deheb
16. Jalan Kapitan Keling by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
17. A6 on_foot w. pink siifu by Ahwlee
18. Cog in the Wheel by Baba Ali
19. Husband Drunk Wife Drunk by Unknown
20. andthentherewas by devonwho
21. smoked out [with eets] by .finesse gawd
22. You deserve it (l y o edit) by Unknown
23. Glow II by Ziga Murko
24. Abandoned Arcade by Mike Gao
25. Neptune Games by Bybo funk
27. Modern man by Neue Grafik
28. No One Is Safe (ft. AshTreJinkins & Barrett Avner) by Cotown vol 1