Mythic Beat – 4/21/2017 Transmission

Join DJ Mythos every week mixing & discovering fresh underground breakbeats, International rhythms, rare grooves & synthesizer dreams. Mythic Beat w/ DJ Mythos is a syndicated show from Louisville WXOX 97.1 FM.

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1. Mythic Intro (Luxury Elite – Late Nite TV)
2. Ca Va by Waffles
3. Prologue
4. B.T. (Boogie Terrestrial) by Yohon
5. Orule by Akwassa
6. Kallion Rytmi / Rhythm of Kallio by Dalindeo
7. 100% (Victor Rice Dub) by Bixiga 70
8. Clouds by Weaver Beats
9. Burgundy Whip by Madlib
10. Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit by El Michels Affair
11. For Sudden by Deft
12. Bob Ross Goes to Hollywood by Birocratic
13. Bodypop by Metamatics
14. Bognya (Clap! Clap! Remix) by DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko
15. Ocean City by Pacific Coliseum
16. Intermission
17. Contact by Erase Me
18. What You Want by Pépe
19. Revelation by Kiki
20. Solarlosung by Patronen
21. X22RME by Actress
22. Banding by Graze
23. Escape from you by Setaoc Mass
24. Replacement bus under Cirrostratus by Gis
25. Hold It (Lady Gravy) by Momma Gravy
26. Probability #2 by Alex Tomb
27. Champagne Ceremonies by Varg
28. Beattrack 32 by DJ Loser
29. Epilogue