Now You’re Swingin’ #19 w/ Special Guest Amanda Feery

Now You’re Swingin’ show is Dunk Murphy & Michael Greville travelling through the curious corners of their music collections. Tune in, sit back, open a tin of minerals and a package of crisps, now you’re swingin’.

Listen live monthly on Wednesdays 22:00 Ireland & UK time.

Olympic Gold Medallion winning composer Amanda Feery joins Dunk & Michael and endeavours to untangle them from a vast web of SCART leads that escaped from behind the telly.

Track List:

1. Intro: There is Only One Year Left by Busta Rhymes
2. Atmosphere by Joy Division
3. Bunting Song by The Good, The Bad and The Queen
4. Attic Lights by Atlas Sound
5. Accuracy by The Cure
6. Sybelline by Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner
7. Into The Luminous Future by Bill Nelson
8. Auto Man by Nucleus
9. Cold Cafe by Karen Marks
10. Blue Lagoon by Laurie Anderson
11. Etheric Body Temple by Machine Drum
12. Tight As Drum by Thomas Leer
13. Ethiopia by Joni Mitchell
14. Transformer Man by Neil Young
15. John & Marsha by Stan Freberg
16. AR Gohonie by YS
17. Fiuda Geronesa Fiudeda (Chitarra) by Ignaziu Cadeddu
18. Go ‘Way From my Window by John Jacob Niles
19. Feunteun Wenn by Kristen Nogues
20. Kaira by Ali & Toumani
21. Guitar Interlude by Tarik O’Regan
22. Les Femmes by Ju’Hoansi Bushmen
23. Jesus In The Only Answer by Atesso Jazz Band
24. After Sunrise by Sergio Mendes & Brazil 77
25. FM Pirate Cemetary Mystery by Timothhy J. Fairplay
26. 1968.Holes by Christian Vogel
27. Supper’s Ready by Genesis
28. March From A Clockwork Orange by Wendy Carlos
29. Circlette by Ambulance
30. Woke Up Laughing by Robert Palmer
31. Delaney’s Donkey by val doonican
32. African Wedding by rex rabanye
33. the trader by beach boys
34. Some Candy Talking by jesus mary chain
35. run of the mill by george harrison
36. Partita for 8 Singers: No. 3 by Roomful of Teeth
37. Plain Gold Ring by Nina Simone
38. I Left Myself for a While by Brigid Mae Power
39. facing the wind by nico
40. Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ by Robert Wyatt
41. The Alabama by The X-Seamen’s Institute
42. Gutter Geese by Maddy Prior
43. Woodpecker by Chuck Berry
44. The Red Telephone by Love
45. Ogre by Richard Dawson