Frissionwave #22

Frissionwaves are exclusive 2h episodes of an online radio award winning ambient/chillout show Cinambientique. Catch every first Sunday of the month 19:00 UK & Ireland time only on Frission Radio!

Track List:

1. The Clear, Empty Light by Levi Patel
2. Ode by Nils Frahm
3. Maienzeit by Dirk Maassen
4. Patterns II (Cyrus Reynolds Remix) by Steve Gibbs
5. West Bay by Hiatus
6. Leaving Vienna by Chad Lawson
7. A Past Life by Yoe Mase
8. Such Owls As You by Brambles
9. Koral by Jacob David
10. Dream 13 (minus even) by Max Richter
11. Two Places by Luke Howard
12. IIII by Ikotu
13. I Remember by Jon Hopkins
14. Study For Player Piano (ii) by Ólafur Arnalds
15. Kreisereise by Alice Baldwin
16. The Front by Conor Walsh
17. We Will Grow Together by Hior Chronik
18. re:turn! by Nonkeen
19. Nocturne 3 by Ben Luks Boysen
20. Up Niek Mountain by Peter Broderick
21. Flight From The City by Jóhann Jóhannsson
22. Piano Textures 4 III by Bruno Sanfilippo
23. And Then After That #834 by Chairhouse
24. Nocturnal Berlin by Sebastian Morawietz
25. Sketch 25 by Levi Patel
26. Once Heard by Daigo Hanada
27. Depth Perception by Danny Mulhern
28. And All Of A Sudden Everything Elapsed by Tim Linghaus
29. Modern Driveway (Jon Hopkins Version) by Luke Abbott
30. Life Story by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm