Collective Resonance #99 w/ Damien Connell

This episode fully consists of the complete track list from a new release “Resonance Vol.4” on Collective Resonance run by Damien Connell.

Any donations made via Bandcamp, will go to both Cancer Research UK and to Damien’s sister-in-law Stacey. She is his brother’s partner of roughly twenty years and she has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She is a 36-year-old mother of three young boys (Damien’s nephews) and this came as quite a shock. She is currently having chemotherapy and also trying some popular alternative treatments on top of that.

Spread the love via the music. Here is the link where you can donate through the purchase of the album:

Track List:

1. IV The Polymath – Super Flow
2. grimelabinc – CrazyHigh2
3. KUPLA – Fluidity (free)
4. Dusty Ohms – Who Flipz?
5. G-noF – Higher
6. Khüdósoul – Lost In The Forest
7. ±±DING±± – Drafting
8. René Schier – Origin
9. Tyler Ambrosius – 9textural
10. SuMi – Where Can You Pee?
11. Hexproof – Manic
12. Rhakim Ali – Hampton
13. Broken Keys – Before The Beachland Show
14. RICK M∆UN – Takemeaway
15. TV Blonde – Bedsheets
16. Hipnotic Jazz – Creative Defiance
17. Dan Matic – Zoo
18. Yclept Insan – Fluxuation
19. Nextwon – ACES
20. I DON’T DO DRUGZ – Ja Rule Matters
21. Kanye West – Hey Mama
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