It’s been a while coming, but the man bsd.u (no caps) is back with another batch of expertly honed beat miniatures on the ever-mega Inner Ocean Label.

These days it takes an 18th dan level beat lord to convince us that an album of 1 and a half minute jointed loopdiggery is worth the $ but from the first drop of the first track on ‘Pook’ it was inevitable that we would be hitting BUY NOW on the latest offering from from this Soundcloud gen’ legend.


The album which is available on all formats, yup! adds an amens-worth more soul vibration to the already OG bsd.u id of woozy headnodics. It’s controlled and beautifully rendered with depth and texture that belies it’s lo-fi throwaway demeanour. It sounds like someone got high as fuck and tapped out to an old blaxploitation film only for it to snarl up in the VCR and go on a slow endless wonky loop til the AM.


The mysterious Canadian beatmaker remains as self-deprecating and wry as ever – the album title is a term that originated in his home town of Vancouver where it is used to describes drug addicts! Let’s hope ya boy stays on those Ritalin tablets long enough to spew forth the masterpiece longplayer he obviosuly has in him. In the meantime here are some more inspired vignettes.