Buy great music and support AntiBullying

FBR & IHeartNoise Present Library Lunch: A Benefit Compilation For AntiBullying

“No one deserves to be bullied. Ever.
From the introverted kid in the cafeteria to the 70-year old woman being detained at an airport because of Donald Trump’s recent actions.
Though things appear bleak at the moment, we are seeing people unite. We are seeing people march the streets in the name of equality. People are creating out of anger and love, and doing so with a singular purpose in mind: Make The World A Better, Tolerant Place For Us All…
Bullies, in myriad forms, are tearing us apart.
Music seems to bring people together.
Hence, this compilation.
ALL proceeds will be donated to
Dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Suttner and all those that have left us as a result of bullying.”

Check out William Mcgiven’s Constellations Show to hear some of these beauties.