Orbiting Giants #81 w/ Tobi Hewer

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient. Tune in for fresh episodes every other Thursday 20:00 Ireland & UK time.

Track List:

1. Egregore by Saaad
2. Five Demiurgic Options by Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold
3. Monia by Tolouse Low Trax
4. Rumble by Koichi Shimizu
5. Positronium I (Edit) by Oubys
6. Newlands Mgido by Dominowe
7. Astrous by Pessimist
8. Cafe Anglais by The Empire Line
9. Cubismo by Architectural
10. Oracle II by Haeken
11. Machine God by Blush Response
12. Es zieht mich by Schwefelgelb
13. Born Of Ashes by Ancient Methods
14. Fight For The Power by Endlec
15. Drap Jam by Duran Duran Duran