Orbiting Giants #80 w/ Jonas Orbiting

Orbiting Giants are Jonas Orbiting and Tobi Hewer from Germany. The Orbiting Giants radio show delivers leftfield techno, house and droning ambient. Tune in for fresh episodes every other Thursday 20:00 Ireland & UK time.

Track List:

1. Waking up to a new existence by Jeff Mills
2. Sssooo by Franklin De Costa
3. Intersect by Hiver
4. Specimen 2 by Rrose
5. Dead Men Tell No Tales by Echologist
6. More Is More to Burn by Pangaea
7. Relapse Paradigm by Rebekah
8. Explanation Skip (Dasha Rush remix) by Filip Xavi
9. On tables by BuRu
10. Glicken by Electric Rescue
11. Sideline (Voiski Remix) by Region
12. Meanwhile by Echoplex
13. Traces to Nowhere by Anetha
14. Don’t Go (Ryan Elliott Remix) by David Morales
15. Acidbanger by Dez Williams
16. Sin Sentido by Adriana Lopez
17. Black Patterns by DJ Bone