Sensitive Soul #13 w/ Ding X Coach Motel

‘Sensitive Soul’ w/ DING x Coach Motel

Ding 30mins…

Wildcookie – Serious Drug
Alton Arris – Aint no music
Jonny Osbourne – We need love
Mark Marina – Dream Machine
Raphael Saadiq – Good Man
Lack of Afro ft Wayne Gidden – A Time For
Teri Tobin – Make Beautiful
jaspects – Find my way to love

Coachmotel 30 mins….

1.The New Birth You Are What I’m All About
2.Mndsgn – Ya Own Way
3.AFTA – 1 – Calendula
4.Vast Moyie – 14kt
5.khadisma – hihowyadoin
6.Samnelly – Untitled
7. Children Of Zeus – Still Standing
8.Stimulator Jones – Soon Never Comes (Sofies SOS Tape)
9.Philippe Edison – ILL VIBES
11.Circling Lights – B-Sides.