Collective Resonance #96 – TV Blonde Takeover

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L.A based producer TV Blonde took over our last show of 2016, with an hour long guest mix. The New Year’s Eve show featured some of his favourite new music, including exclusive tracks from TV Blonde himself, as well as unreleased music from some of his friends. See the track listing below for who did what. This show has also been time stamped on Mixcloud, so you can see what exactly what is playing and when on there. You will also find some links to this guys music and social media accounts below. Enjoy the show and Happy New Year!


1. Beach House – I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
2. pax. – as long as yr here (unreleased)
3. Ebbe Flink – Elephant
4. Autumn Keys – l i f e w i t h o u t u
5. Non Drifter – Smoking Alone
6. Onitram – Missy
7. Vizion – Empty
8. Halpe – The Look w/ Sophie Meiers
9. Ebbe Flink – Whoisdis?
10. Altura – Waiting
11. TV Blonde – hahahahaha (unreleased)
12. pax. – Doyouloveme (unfinished & unreleased)
13. TV Blonde – Fallin demo (unreleased)
14. DJ Harrison – One Way Downtown
15. TV Blonde – Trippin demo (unreleased)
16. Prolivik – Memai
17. TV Blonde & Onitram – theme draft (unreleased)
18. TV Blonde & Pax – Logoff (unreleased)
19. Matt De Guia – Daylight
20. mieksneak. – Dont Touch (Solange work)
21. Kiefer – Reinvent Yo Self
22. Matt De Guia – Bounce (sus)
23. Stefano Torossi – Feeling Tense
24. Herbie Handcock – I Thought It Was You