Clockwork Radio #58 w/ BMac – Interview with instupendo & guest mix by Why-Axis

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On this episode BMac came through with a jam packed show for session 058. BMac caught up with Philadelphia based producer instupendo to talk about his music as well as got a dope guest mix from the brother Why-Axis. Sprinkled with the usual dusting of Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul. Stay tuned!

Track List:

1. Yesterday by Noname
2. Country Boys by Butcher Brown
3. Sounds Like Love by Illa J
4. Blao by Jar Jar Jr
5. Yung Bumpz by Brame
6. Oatmeal Cookies by Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman
7. Forever 1 (Cashmere Cat Remix) by Hudson Mohawke
8. Icarus by Instupendo
9. Nardis by AJ’s Half Dozen
10. Dnt Knx by Knowledge
11. Shadown Man Feat. Saba, Smino & Phoelix by Noname
12. Wobbly clouds by Mndsgn
13. Mellowtune by Potatohead People
14. LOVE?PEACE by Potatohead People
15. Positivity by Djemba Djemba
16. Woi Mate by MORE//NIGHT
17. Around by K-Wash
18. Wah – Doma by Evil Needle x K
19. Snow by Jetson
20. Panda (jaël remix) by Van Jess
21. über todas partes by mr surf
22. Girl rapping song by Girl rapping song
23. Slopes by Litany
24. I’m Down ft. Valentina by Dapur
25. Laputa by Hiatus Kayote
26. Me dê Amor by Sango
27. Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonita
28. Free lunch by Isaiah Rashad
29. Tsukiyomi Moon God 0. by Captcha
30. Loti’s dreamland by Cam O’bi
31. The Boss by James Brown
32. Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown
33. 100 Degrees (Chris McClenney Remix) by Kolaj
34. Because We Care by Suffer Like G Did
35. Poetry (How Does It Feel) by Akua Naru
36. Two.Late by Sinh