Tangents #03 w/ Jai Pyne – I Feel A Song Coming On

Tangents w/ Jai Pyne is a part history lesson, part cultural anthropology, dead set bangers. Catch new episode monthly on Mondays 9:00 UK & Ireland time.

The way the show works is that Jai picks a song or album from a particular era, and every time it’s different, this has reinforced for him that great music is made every year.

This episode is based on a track called ‘I Feel A Song Coming On’ by a group called Essendon Airport. They were part of a scene in Melbourne in the late 70’s early 80s that was called The Little Bands, heaps of experimental music, post punk and new wave stuff. I’ll also look at Rowland S Howard and a few of the bands he was in, and the St Kilda scene which was happening in Melbourne at the same time. Will also drop some Sydney music from the same era, more Ska, dub and funk/synth stuff.