We continue our infamous Residency Series with producer Semi 半金. Representing for Planet Earth, Semi 半金 is a producer of original Hip Hop music and more. His diggers delight ‘Degrees’ shows will be kicking off on the 13th November.

Semi 半金 will bring his deep knowledge of old and new skool Rap, Soul, Funk and Jazz to his ‘Degrees’ Show throughout November. It’s a must for all lovers of the breaks and anyone addicted to the tradition and heritage of Hip Hop production and digging.


The album “Spells” from last year is a map of all the diverse directions he has taken musically. He evolved underground for some time but 2016 and 2017 will see him take new and diverse routes on his musical travels.

Episode 1 entitled ’28 Degrees’ will premiere on Sunday 13th November 5-6PM GMT, followed by Episode 2 at the same time on the 27th November. You can find the full timetable to check these ill mixes at the bottom of this post including LA and Tokyo broadcasts.

Baconwave’s Mael Gilbert posed some questions to our illusive new resident to help us get to know him and his music just a little better:

You can bring together a group of musicians, dead or alive, for a concert in any venue – who, where and why?

I would bring together Stanley Turrentine, Bernard Purdie and James Jamerson to see what happens.

What songs were being played in your house when you were a kid?

Woah, I have no idea. I had a cousin who was producing vinyls and he used to make me listen to them, but I remember the artwork only, not the sound.

First vinyl you bought?

It was Jeru Tha Damaja – « Ya Playin’ Yourself ».

A vinyl you would do something shameful to own it?

I need the Madvillain one!

Top 10 favorite musicians of all times? (no specific order)

Prince, Aceyalone, Yassin Bey, Thelonious Monk, Lonnie Liston Smith, Maurice White, John Coltrane, Sa- Ra, Shinichiro Watanabe

Your 3 or 4 favorite music videos?

Grandmaster Flash – The Message

Gravediggaz – Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

The Purist & Danny Brown – Jealousy

Madlib – Slim’s Return

What do you plan for the future of Semi 半金?

I’m working on an EP with an artist called Ada, which will be released sometime this year. And also on two pieces of music called “outofthejuridiktion” which is raw hip hop, and “IWNTYW” who’s a concept album that i’m trying to put together with some MC’s”.

Best year/decade for music?

The 70’s were hot but the most important decade is the current one.

Why do you make music?

To express myself, share what I gotta share. It’s also about inheriting a kind of sound and maintain it so it perpetuates through time. Semi 半金 is a half of me that is filling itself. The other half is already here and well defined. It’s all a concept but with time it will make sense.

5 albums that everybody should know about/own?

Mos Def – The Ecstatic
Earth, Wind & Fire – All n All
Christian Scott – Anthem
The Pharcyde – Bizzare Ride II The Pharcyde
Miles Davis – On The Corner

Best concert you attended?

A Tony Allen concert in Paris, it was a year ago at La Vilette if I remember well.

3 artists (other than musicians) that you would recommend?

Wong Kar-Wai, Hassan Hajjaj, Akira Toriyama

In a parallel world where everything is possible, who’s working with you on your next project and what is it?

I’d like to have a music video by Flying Lotus. About musicians, I’d rather keep those names for myself.

A label you would like to own?


Asides from music, what do you like the most?


Who are your musical inspirations?

Well I dont think I could get inspiration in one person, but I could say per example John Coltrane, Dj Premiere and RZA.


What songs would you put on your playlist for your funeral?

Clipse – The Funeral ! For real you ask me that question like it’s easy but on the D day, the playlist will be long.

Semi 半水 ‘Degrees’ Show Full Timetable

    Episode 1

London – Sunday 13th November 5-6 PM
LA – Thursday 17th November 6-7 PM
Tokyo – Wednesday 16th November 7-8 PM

    Episode 2

London – Sunday 27th November 5-6 PM
LA – Thursday 1st December 6-7 PM
Tokyo – Wednesday 30th November 7-8 PM