The extraordinary lee (asano+ryuhei) returns with another utterly assured and immersive exercise in hip hop and jazz atom smashing entitled ‘fwl’

‘Fwl’ continues where the brilliant ’15’ left off with another bumper crop of exceptional beats and melancholy ivory tinkering in that ill sounding locked hands technique.

The brilliance of Asano’s exaltation of 90’s Pop/Hip Hop culture is that it accentuates the innate melancholy in its posturing and hollow swagger. Asano pulverises rappers and pianists in his sampler like it was some ‘Fly’ style telepod making conjoined twins out of 50 Cent & and the sonic ghost of Bill Evans.

It’s as beautiful and jarring as ever. An incredible considered mess of chromatic triads, boom bap and profane knackers, careening out of the mind of a musician at the peak of his powers like some kind of deeply fractured praise music.

So good. Go shawty!